Saturday Shoutout / Thinking One Through

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Here’s a video every trout angler will want to see.

There’s nothing more fun than sight fishing to trout. Beyond being enjoyable and visually rewarding, it’s also how you will catch your biggest fish. Sight fishing allows you to target quality fish and make informed presentations. It’s a real art.

This great video from Jensen Fly Fishing (sourced via Orvis News) is a textbook example of educated angler vs educated fish. It’s highly educational and just plain fun to watch.

Enjoy, “Thinking One Through.”


Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Thinking One Through

  1. See how hard it is to spook a “happy fish”.

    The Jensen’s have captured some of the most amazing footage of big brown trout behaviors (esp “eats”) ever filmed. Check out their “Stripped Down Brown Trout Project”. I(t is awesome.

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