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This Photo Brought to You by ISO 3200 Photo by Louis Cahill

This Photo Brought to You by ISO 3200 Photo by Louis Cahill

Today’s Photography tip is simple but important.

Formerly known as ASA, the ISO setting on your camera adjusts the sensor’s sensitivity to light. Some cameras are capable of adjusting their own ISO. If yours is not, you will get better results by adjusting this setting for the existing light conditions. If you are in bright sun, a low ISO setting like 100-200 will give you sharper images with less noise. If you are in low light like dusk, a higher ISO like 400-800 will give you faster shutter speeds and minimize camera shake. When you start using your ISO setting, it is important not to forget to readjust when conditions change. Eventually it will become second nature.

Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “ISO

  1. I always pictured ASA as a seventy year old guy living in Brooklyn watching the Yankees play on a black and white TV. It’s summertime and a light breeze coming through the window is the only thing stirring the air in his fifth floor walk up. A can of Miller sweats on the side table.

    ISO is a hyperactive dog. Maybe a Border Collie.

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