Deadly Ice Off Duo

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

By Bob Reece

Ice off on lakes in the Rocky Mountain region can be dynamic.

It can also be extremely challenging.  Tim Drummond’s extensive knowledge of still water scenarios led to his creation of two highly effective still water patterns.   These two patterns have a proven track record and can help crack the code to Ice Off success.

Tim has worked professionally as a guide for well over a decade in Northern Colorado.  His experience with both moving and still waters has led to a dialed in understanding of these aquatic environments.  I’ve known Tim for several years and was able to ask him about his thoughts behind the creation of his Chromie and Water Boatman patterns.

tims-boatman_drummond_blkpearl“My Water Boatman was originally tied to imitate the abundant boatman we see here on the Delany Buttes lakes and other stillwaters.  The fly is tied with a metallic plastic bead versus a metal bead because I did not want the fly to sink fast, only gradually.  Water boatman are divers going from the surface to just below the surface as they move across the water.  This fly is best fished on an intermediate line just below the surface with a slow retrieve or hand twist retrieve.  I have had the most success with this fly in the spring and fall when boatman are active.  Sight casting to a cruising fish is how I have hooked most of my big fish on the boatman. The fly can also be fished under an indicator in a 2 fly rig above the chironomid, a deadly combination!   

TimsChromie_TD_BlkMy Chromie was designed to fish the many and abundant chironomid hatches Colorado’s still water anglers see.  During intense hatches this fly stands out from the rest with it’s ability to attract light while maintaining a sleek natural profile.  Tied sparse and with the key elements a hatching chironomid shows, this fly is deadly on the most technical lakes.  Several colors are available as these bugs often go through several shades as the season goes on.  All of them work at specific times, but the size 18 black is what I have had most success with.”


As Ice Off approaches, take the time to stack the odds in your favor.  Make some room in that box for T’s Chromie and T’s Water Boatman.  Their proven track record will help move you closer to on-the-water success.

Water Boatman Tying Video:


Chromie Tying Video:

To see other tying videos by Tim Drummond, click on the link below:

To book a Yampa Valley Anglers trip with Tim Drummond, click on the link below:

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