Fighting Big Bonefish

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Bruce Shows 'em Who's Boss Photo by Louis Cahill

We’ve talked about casting to bonefish in a variety of conditions. We’ve talked about the propped retrieve to get the fish to eat. Now that your hooking up with all of these big bones owe buddy Bruce Chard is back with some advice on fighting bonefish. Check out the video and Bruce will show you how to get that fish to the boat as efficiently as possible.

If you missed Bruce’s earlier bone fishing posts, check them out now.

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The V-Grip

The Belgian Cast

Better Bonefish Retrieve

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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4 thoughts on “Fighting Big Bonefish

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  2. I had a guide show me how to “spin the reel, I.e. spin the spool with your palm to recover line quicker than you can reel and get fish on the reel to use the reel drag, instead of stripping. Works great on big trout, not sure about Bones. One thought – spinning the reel piles the line in bigger coils on the reel, so if you have a reel already loaded to the frame with little clearance, not so good…

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