Snap Your Wrist For Line Speed

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Snap It! Photo by Louis Cahill

Today Bruce is going to get a little closer to that fly rod and talk about the roll your wrist plays in fly casting.

Watch closely. Bruce has great mussel memory from thousands of hours of casting. Watch the subtlety of his wrist movement. The snap and push that happens. Don’t forget that, as in all fly casting, this requires a smooth application of power to be successful. This will take some practice to master and in the next two videos Bruce will build on this technique so get out in the yard and give it a try.

heck out the video!

Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “Snap Your Wrist For Line Speed

  1. Great tip! I just watched a Joan Wulff video last night and now finding this one today… I think it’s a sign. I know what I’ll be paying more attention to this Sunday morning; maybe I won’t have to get quite as close to those honey holes in the creek.

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