The V Grip

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V Is For Vrooooom! photo by Louis Cahill

Hopefully you’ve gotten comfortable with adding the wrist snap to your cast. Today Bruce is going to get into some serious advanced technique.

Your going to see him use the “V Grip”. This is going to feel seriously odd at first. In fact I think this is harder to get the hang of if you have been casting for a long time. Don’t get discouraged, the results are amazing. Don’t expect to get it over night but with a lot of practice you can do this smoothly and effectively and you’ll be glad you spent all that time out casting on the lawn. Bruce will be back on Friday with the final video in the series.

Check out the video!

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “The V Grip

  1. thanks again men as I’m very interested in my distance casting in the salt, is this a replacement for using the drift move, it seems that is somewhat the same thing. Love to here back


    • Hello Wayne. The drift move is refered to mainly the back cast but can be applied to the forward cast as well. Drifting is the movement of the rod (again usually on back casts moving backwards when you shoot line)- NOT under power – after the rod has already straightend and the line has started to pass the rod tip forming the loop. Drifting is also a key movement when shooting line on your back cast or forward cast to help increase the stroke lenght of your next stroke since you are increasing the amount of line outside the rod tip. This movement also helps to eliminate creeping which causes taling loops.

      The V-Grip is helpful in applying power during the casting stoke. By being able to bend your wrist more, this gives you more leverage to apply more power through out the stoke. So – Drifting a NONE power move – V-Grip and power adding move. Any other questions let me know thanks man!


        • I actually started doing this with my finger pointing on the top (same knuckle position) after noticing the Jerry Siem (rod designer for SAGE) did this with his distance casting. Good stuff!

        • Bruce this move is unbelievable, I now see there is not much comparison w/this and drift
          I’ve practiced some the last 3 days w/the v grip wrist snap and just threw my personnel best cast of 90′ w/my 8wt Redington RS4 9’w/a RF Wonderline an increase of 15’& a very, very tight loop turning over a spoon fly perfectly. I’m stoked, Thanks so much!!!

          • Now that’s what I like to hear! Bruce Chard doing real and measurable good in the world. Keep on it Man. You’ll be throwing 110 before you know it.

  2. This is a great grip and does take some time to adjust to after thumb on top, but certainly adds power to the cast and is analogous to how we throw a ball.

    Accuracy is an interesting subject with this grip. With thumb on top the thumb is generally the sighter. With the V grip the whole hand, especially the back of the hand, becomes the sighter. It does take time to adjust to this method of accuracy, but it is perfectly achievable and once the muscle memory kicks in is as good on accuracy as thumb on top. Maybe better?

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