The Belgian Cast

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Bruce Makes The Tough Shot

Learn the Belgian cast and rule the wind.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a school of bonefish swim away while you squirm and wrench your arm out of socket trying to get your fly out of your back? Yeah, me too. Casting with a strong wind off your casting shoulder is the toughest shot in fly fishing. Well, our buddy Bruce Chard is back to show you how to take that shot like a hero. It’s called the Belgian cast and it can save your day so watch and learn.

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8 thoughts on “The Belgian Cast

  1. After burying a 2/0 hook in my arm using a side arm back cast with the wind coming on to my casting arm I don’t think that I’m willing to try that again. 😉

    I do love the Belgian cast for throwing heavy lead core heads though.

    • I’m not sure how you got hurt but it is important not to stop your casting stroke like a normal cast. The rod has to keep moving. That’s the best way I know to get hooked.

  2. This cast was used many, many moons ago by Lee Wuff for casting with short rod especialy for Atlantic Salmon, so where you got this name Belgium.

    • Jacques,

      I found this on the sexyloops forum on the origination of the belgium cast.

      “Albert Goddart was born in the town Bouillon (south of Belgium – Ardennes) just before world war one. After world war two he became a well know caster and fished a lot of times together with Hans Gebetsroiter and Charles Ritz (so he could learn the Gebetsroither style). At that time Goddart was one of the best flycasters in the world and was more or less sponsored by Hardy. I never met him because he died in the early sixties but met a lot of people who knew him. In the early fifties the first international (official) casting championships (CIPS) started and the world cahmpionships in Brussels in 1958 was his moment of glory where he won a silver medal. During this period he met a lot of Americans and visited also the USA. There he demonstrated the Gebetsroither style, that’s why the Americans call it the Belgian Style.”

      Hope everything will be much clearer to your knowledge after this!


      EFFA FCI
      EFFA fly fishing chairman
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  3. This cast was used many, many moons ago by Lee Wulff for casting with short rod espcialy for Atlantic Salmon I dont remember what name he gave but it is mainly a half circle cast with the line always under tension. There is nothing new here.

  4. I find this is an excellent cast to use in large river fishing situations. The Clark Fork in Western Montana is a river that has a very pronounced upstream wind much of the time when the wind blows at all. it also is a nice cast for many situations using spey rods. I haven’t fished Andros but our west coast steelhead rivers can test your mettle on many a winter day.

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