Saturday’s Shoutout / FinPusher & Trout Twinkies, Tim Romano Early Summer Slide Show

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Today’s Saturday shoutout we bring you a cool read from Collin Carlson at that talks about the fishing highs we all get fly fishing when we’ve got multiple species of bugs flying in the air and trout eating our dries like candy. The second is a photography slide show by Tim Romano from Fly Talk that showcases some of his latest shots on the water. Thanks for tuning into Gink & Gasoline and may all of you have a great weekend.


Big dries and big grout. Photo by: Collin Carlson

Collin Carlson’s latest post on FinPusher titled “Trout Twinkies“, is sure to get you giddy about hitting the water and landing some trout of your own. Collin doesn’t post as much as some of the other blogs out there but when he does, he bring quality and that’s what counts. He never disappoints. Collin, I Wish I would have been with you on this trip bro. Check out the great read and killer photos by clicking here.


Every time Tim shares his stellar photography I feel inclined to share it with as many people as I can. He is such a talented photographer and to go along with that, he’s as cool as they come. Sit back and enjoy this early summer fly fishing slide show from Tim’s latest adventures. Well done my friend. Click Here to watch Tim’s Slideshow

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2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / FinPusher & Trout Twinkies, Tim Romano Early Summer Slide Show

  1. Not even a comment on the bearded ginger in the lower right hand corner on the field and stream screenshot? He’s kinda creepy lookin….just sayin’

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