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I made a promise to myself, years ago, that I was not going to make a bucket list.

Meaning, that I wasn’t going to put off the things I wanted to do in my life until the end, counting on days I might not have. That said, I’ve had golden dorado on my mind for quite some time now. Big streamers and big hyper-aggressive predators crushing them? Where do I sign?

This film by Pablo Saracco, who I was fortunate enough to fish with in Argentina last year, isn’t helping one bit. In fact it’s gasoline on the fire. If you are not already obsessed with the idea of chasing these amazing fish, maybe you shouldn’t watch this. It isn’t going to be easy to forget.

I am so doing this trip! If you would like to join me, shoot me an email at I’ll put something together. 

Upper Parana, River of Gold and Mystery.


Louis Cahill
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