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Tipping is, without doubt, the fuzziest area in fly fishing.

Many anglers go their whole lives fretting over what’s expected when it’s time to tip a guide. Add to the dilemma travel to far flung fishing locations and it’s a real nail biter. Fortunately, Midcurrent is here with some help.

I don’t know of anyone who can speak to this topic with more authority than Marshal Cutchin. This practical and detailed guide to tipping guides and lodges is the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen. Marshal strikes the perfect tone and anticipates every scenario. This is the one article every angler should read.

How To Tip Fishing Guides And Lodges



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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Cutchin Works For Tips

  1. I have no problem with tipping, and will continue to do so, and continue to tip more when a guide goes above and beyond. I still wish that the U.S. would move away from tipping and that the cost actually be added into the price. I mean across the board; taxis, waiters, service industry, barbershop, fishing guides, everything. Then I know the cost, and I can provide a small tip if the guide goes above and beyond, and I can choose not to go with another guide and leave a bad review for poor guiding but the guy still gets paid what it takes to cover his work for the day.

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