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REDFISH! Redfish! Redfish!

I just got home from a week of muddy water, high winds and spartina grass on some of the souths best low country. Even though all I can boast about is one good day of fishing, four days of driving and three soggy frozen boat rides, I’m still pumped up on all thing redfish. I’m just not ready for it to be over, so this Saturday’s shoutout continues the redfish fever!

If it’s cold and blowing or there are no redfish where you are, slip on you’re sandals, open a beer and take a ride with Doug Roland and the boys from Lowcountry Journal. Life is good in the lowcountry.


These boys know redfish.  Check out Lowcountry Journal

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Low Country Lournal

  1. Good fish porn is always appreciated! It never fails, you guys always post topics and vids that get me feelin’ the itch to go after fish in the salt. Whether it be reds, bones, or tarpon.

  2. Beautiful, Louis!

    My redfish experience has been on more open water on Florida’s west coast and east coast, wade fishing or fishing from my kayak or my Hughes flats boat often to schools of fish rather than singles. The majesty and the challenge of the redfish on a fly is a fishing experience pretty much unique unto itself. Sight fishing for tailing fish on a glassy sea is sublime. Spartina grass would seem to offer some real challenges.

    I do not know about you, but I find redfish, which I have fished for hundreds of days on my (then) home water, more challenging than bonefish, which I have fished for dozens of days in less familiar places. The degree of difficulty is part of the fascination… for me at least.

  3. I’m going redfishing for the first time ever next month. I’m a Montnana trout guy. I’ll be near Boca Grand. I have a guide trip schedualed near the end of my trip but will want to fish before hand. Any advice on the fishing or wildlife would be awesome.

  4. glad you got to go down and enjoy the low country.doug is putting up some very good vids.and he is pretty good hand at fishing,cause he gets spottails on Paul’s line every so often.

  5. Boca Grande/Pine Island is an awesome area to visit and to fish. Fishing for reds is tougher there in February unless you hit the weather just right. There are miles of flats to fish; so many square miles that finding the places where fish are is not always easy. It all just looks so good. My friends used to burn lots of fuel running and gunning from spot to spot in their flats boats. Someone will need to show you likely places to go. It is hard to get prime,current information unless you are with a guide. But I think you will love it. It’s been a number of years now, but I never had a bad day at Boca Grande; just less good on the down side, superb on the positive side.

  6. I grew up chasing spottails in the South Carolina salt. Miss those fish and my door mats too. Looking forward to a homecoming reunion on the fly. God bless

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