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The words and wisdom of John Gierach brought to you by the folks at F3T

I never grow tired of John Gierach’s voice in my head. His writing is so earnest that, when I read it, I can see him across the table, a cup of coffee between his hands. In this great piece, written for Stonefly Magazine and published on the F3T blog, John talks about flies, fly tying and traveling to fish. But, as always, there more to the story.

“The burning question is whether there’s even such a thing as the “right” fly. During a flavilinea hatch, it’s nice to have a pattern that exactly matches the size, color, and silhouette of the naturals, but it’s even better to get an accurate cast and a flawless drift, even if you’re using a Parachute Adams that’s a size too big.”

Check out, Vise Grip: Fly Tying and Travel With John Gierach.


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