Saturday Shoutout / Fly Fishing the Ozarks Videos & Orvis Fly Selection Tips

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Fly fishing the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Photo By Louis Cahill

This week’s Saturday Shoutout we spotlight Fly Fishing the Ozarks YouTube Channel and  Orvis for a great piece written by Steve May on how to become more effective at fly selection on the water. Check out the great fly fishing videos and the informative piece about fly selection for trout.

Fly Fishing the Ozarks – YouTube Channel


Brian Wise is a veteran Arkansas fly fishing guide who’s really been raising the bar lately in his production of fly tying videos. His love for studio videography comes across strong in his work and he’s got a real knack for creating videos that are cool and fresh. If you’re wanting to up your fly tying streamer game, we highly encourage you to check out his YouTube channel, FlyFishingTheOzarks. With your help, he’ll roll over 400,000 views, and that would be fantastic for Brian. With well over 2,000 subscribers he’s really making a name for himself in the industry. We very much look forward to continuing to follow his journey and we hope to find time to meet up and fish with Brian very soon on his home waters. This guy is the real deal my friends.

Orvis Fly Selection Tips by Steve May


Our second Saturday Shoutout this week comes from Orvis. It’s very common for newcomers to find themselves confused and intimidated on the water when it comes to choosing the correct fly pattern to fish. Steve May provides a concise checklist of pro tips for beginner and intermediate fly fishers to follow in an effort to help them become more effective at identifying what’s on the current trout menu.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Fly Fishing the Ozarks Videos & Orvis Fly Selection Tips

  1. I ran across Brian’s YouTube videos about the time he was posting videos of Kelly Galloup’s streamer patterns and I’ve kept up with him ever since. The videos are awesome and his music remixes are really cool. He puts a lot of effort into these videos and it really shows. Anyone looking to get into tying and fishing streamers needs to add his YouTube channel to their favorites list.

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  3. Brian learned a simple truth, hearing you explain fly tying is usually very boring and a 20min tying video will not get watched. His videos are simple, entertaining and well produced. A huge fan!

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