Rob Smith’s Rusty Enema

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The Stash is back!

Rob “The Stash” Smith is back to share one of his favorite redfish flies with us. The Rusty Enema is a proven producer anywhere redfish are found. It’s a great attractor pattern that pushes a lot of water, which is like ringing the dinner bell for redfish in dirty water. Put a couple of these in your box to keep you catching redfish on a regular.

Watch the video to learn how to tie this fly and find out how it gets it’s name.

Thanks to The Fish Hawk for making this video possible!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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3 thoughts on “Rob Smith’s Rusty Enema

  1. What a great looking redfish fly. Combines components of a couple or three of my favorite redfish flies from back in the day. Thanks for sharing.

    I told Kent to let me know when you guys go redfishing, as I have a fly you will want to bring along.

  2. Great looking redfish fly. Very similar to one I tie using EP Sparkle Brush and EP Brush; I like the addition of the rabbit strips.

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