Bruce Chard’s A.M. Express, A Great Fly For Baby Tarpon

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Bruce Chard's A.M. Express Photo by Louis Cahill

Bruce Chard’s A.M. Express Photo by Louis Cahill

Catching baby tarpon is about as fun as the law allows.

Even a baby tarpon is a hell of a fish. These little guys are all fight and haven’t learned all the tricks of the grown ups. A thirty pound tarpon offers all the excitement of a hundred pounder with a good bit less humility.

On calm mornings you’ll find them cruising the edges of islands or nosing around rafts of floating grass or rolling in the glass calm water. If your going to catch them you’ll need the right fly. Our buddy Captain Bruce Chard is here to help.

Watch the video and learn to tie Bruce’s A.M. Express.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Bruce Chard’s A.M. Express, A Great Fly For Baby Tarpon

  1. When I went chasing poon in Puerto Rico this past spring we couldn’t get the big boys to bite so my captain took me to a popular spot that the young tarpon hang out and we had a blast. Totally worth leaving the big tarpon that were not interested in eating anything.

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