Bruce Chard Ties The Gnarly Bandit

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Simple is often best.

Our good friend Captain Bruce Chard is back today to prove it. Fishing guides need effective flies that will put their clients on fish but don’t take hours to tie. Bruce calls these kind of flies,”guide flies.” These flies have all of the elements that attract fish in a simple recipe so you can knock out a dozen of them without breaking a sweat. I love guide flies and I fish a lot of them.

The Gnarly Bandit is a classic. I can’t tell you how many bonefish I have caught on this fly. It’s a simple fly but there are a few elements you need to get right. In this video Bruce goes step by step and explains the details that make the difference.

Watch the video and learn to tie The Gnarly Bandit.

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4 thoughts on “Bruce Chard Ties The Gnarly Bandit

  1. Sweet bug.

    I always like to see the types of flies that the guides tie. With limited time to tie and little tolerance for junk that doesn’t work, they usually have these simple and effective flies pretty dialed in.

  2. I tie the same fly but the body is in orange and the wing is a darker craft fur and catch redfish with it in the Mosquito Lagoon. Great fly, and I always have some in the fly box.

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