Saturday’s Shoutout / Lo Fi Fly in Cuba

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This week’s Saturday shoutout goes to Lo Fi Fly, for an interesting piece that’s lie-free from a recent fly fishing trip to Cuba.

Lo Fi Fly – Chuck T’s, the Woodsman, Cajones & The Tarmbada

Here’s what I like about this post from Lo Fi Fly. They write brutally honest, and they’re not ashamed to admit the fish got the best of them on the flats. That’s saltwater fly fishing, which dishes out far more failures than rewards to fly anglers, and I respect these guys for telling it like it is. Lo Fi Fly understands what fly fishing is all about; the journey, experience, and challenge. Nice work guys, I enjoyed the humorous piece, and thanks for reminding me to pack my Gold Bond this week before I head to the Keys.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
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2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / Lo Fi Fly in Cuba

  1. Maybe I read it wrong but geez, put your big girl panties on and quit bitching. If you have food issues, go hungry. Sorry you littles toeies hurt, try focusing on the awesome fishing and magnificent water. Maybe a Orvis fishing experience would be more in order for you.

    • Kirby,

      Other than a couple sentences about the breakfast being scary, I thought they wrote honestly and brought up familiar feelings I’ve had on saltwater fly fishing trips. They also ended it on a high note. They’re dry sense of humor probably isn’t for everyone, but their good guys and I respect honest writing that isn’t dolled up. Thanks for your comment.


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