Saturday’s Shoutout / 2 Alternative Species During Runoff, TFM’s Soft-Hackle Bee

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This week’s Saturday Shoutout we talk about two alternative species to chase during spring runoff in and around Jackson, WY and TFM’s step by step tie recipe for a realistic soft-hackle bee that’s actually quick and easy to tie.

2 Fly Fishing Alternatives during Spring Runoff in Jackson


What do you do when your fly fishing trip to Jackson Wyoming has you landing there smack in the middle of runoff? The Grand Teton fly fishing website provides us two great alternatives to ensure your fishing trip isn’t a bust and you also keep your rod bent. They suggest spending a few days chasing lake trout and carp on the fly in the surrounding lakes. Tips and tactics are provided in this informative article. I have to say this is something I’d really like to experience and sounds like a real blast. Read full article here.

The Fiberglass Manifesto – Soft-Hackle Bee Pattern


When I see fly pattern titles with the word “realisitic”, I have to say the first thing that usually pops into my head is it’s not worth my time and effort. The Fiberglass Manifesto proved me wrong this morning with this easy to tie realistic soft-hackle bee pattern. It was created for the purpose of catching bluegill but I bet it would work really well during the terrestrial season for trout. I’m going to tie up a few and find out and I suggest for you all that tie to do the same. There’s nothing like fooling big hungry trout with drowned terrestrials. They often work when your standard high floating foam patterns are getting refused. Read step by step fly tying article here.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope you all find some time to get out and wet a line. Thank you for tuning into Gink & Gasoline.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / 2 Alternative Species During Runoff, TFM’s Soft-Hackle Bee

  1. Thumbs up for the TFM! Can’t wait to slay some Bluegills with this on my new 3wt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Props for the JH shoutout! my hometown and the lakers can be monsters if you get lucky, dont think i will ever enjoy carp fishing though… they just are not a majestic creature like trout.

  3. Excited to see Grand Teton Fly Fishing referenced on here. One of my life long friends is co-owner of that outfitt. If you want to fish Jackson, they are the guys to call. Cant wait for my annual October trip.

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