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This weeks Saturday Shoutout doesn’t have a fly fishing theme but the publisher does happen to be a passionate fly fisherman and he’s also a big fan of Gink & Gasoline. Wes Craiglow runs the website Central Overland, for those on the road less traveled.


I’ve really gotten hooked on the Central Overland website. It’s got all kinds of really cool reads that I’ve found very entertaining and helpful.

Wes Craiglow says you can sum up his website in three ways. 

1. Helping people understand how their vehicle — typically a 4WD — can be modified to better support their adventure pursuits. This may mean popular comfort or convenience items like a great kitchen setup, a comfy roof top tent or it could be recovery or security stuff like off-roading, navigation, first-aid and communication gear.

2. Provide information about places to travel and explore. There’s plenty of reads that offer tips and destinations to make your next trip more fun and fufilling.

3. Most of all to teach and inspire its readers to get out and play responsibly. Just like fisheries need fisherman out there to advocate and promote responsible use, the overland travel community also needs backcountry travelers out there sending the message that not everyone is out to dig ruts and shoot road signs. The more folks we have enjoying their vehicles and pastimes like fishing — in the backcountry responsibly, the more likely the BLM, USFS, and NPS is to keep these public lands open for everyone to enjoy.

Below are some good reads to get you started exploring Central Overland.

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Keys to Gauging Overlanding Vehicle Reliability

Celebrate Some Freedom with This Bourbon Sweet Tea – Drink Recipe

Tips on Tools for Overland Travel

Keep it Reel,

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

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  1. Thanks so much for the love, G&G. Always appreciative of you sharing your expertise, too. Very helpful to a novices like me.

    Keep up the great work here, and we’ll keep folks ready to chase fins from behind their wheel. Backcountry travel and bent rods are a match made in heaven.


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