Fly Anglers Sixth Sense, Fact or Fiction?

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Fly Anglers Sixth Sense, Fact or Fiction? Photo By: Louis Cahill

Do you ever feel like you’ve got a sixth sense working for you when you’re out fly fishing? I’m talking about an extra sense that seems to give you the power and clarity to sense future fishing success moments before it happens. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s one of the sweetest feelings I think a fly angler can witness; calling his/her fish before the cast. You’ve just rounded a bend when your eyes are immediately drawn to a perfect looking stretch of water. It’s a wide and fast riffle a little to shallow to hold fish, but there’s a fallen tree that’s condensing all the current into a tight six foot wide flow. Even better, that condensed current is flowing right over a drop-off, into a deep blue pool. A light bulb in your head goes off as your sixth sense kicks in, and you’re certain when your fly hits the water it will only be a few seconds until a trout rises to your fly. All you have to do is call your shot and make a good cast. Sure enough, you make a spot on cast, and success arrives like clockwork. The surreal sound of a cork being pulled from a whiskey bottle, signals to you a trout has sucked in your fly, and you set the hook, and shout “Man, I love that sound”. I bet there’s a lot of guides out there that feel the same way when they call a take for a client during the drift, “get ready, you should get a bite right…….now, bam”. When your client turns to you and asks how you did that, just smile and say it’s your sixth sense.

I’m sure there’s anglers out there that would argue this sixth sense is fictional. That it’s being disguised and nothing more than angler confidence or a lucky guess. To each there own, I personally think I fish better believing in the existence of the sixth sense. I love the feeling of reward it brings me, and it never gets old. Fact or fiction, it’s the closest thing to utopia with a fly rod in hand, and one more reason I’ll fly fish until the day I die.

Who’s with me?

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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14 thoughts on “Fly Anglers Sixth Sense, Fact or Fiction?

  1. The 6th sense is very real. It happens to me all the time, my clients think im psychic. obviously it doesnt always work, but…….one day this season on the Blackfoot everytime I said get ready bam fish on, the mother daughter duo in my boat were beside themselves. With about 100 yards left in the trip we hadnt had a bite in 20 min, so I announced “looks like the fishing has slowed down……ok fish thats your que to bite” no sooner than saying that a nice cutty inhaled her salmon fly. she landed the fish laughing the whole time.

  2. I have friends that have the sixth sense, but in all honesty, I dont think this applies when they call a fish before every cast! Ha

  3. Kinda of a cumelative experience kicking into a deja vue all over again moment. This isn’t the same as the spot where you pulled one out of last week type of event, rather it needs to be “fresh” water that simply is too fishy NOT to have a fish in the spot. Flip side is if you have too may of these intuitions and you don’t get results, it is pretty clear that someone has pimped the water ahead of you…

    • Onthefly,

      I agree with you on the fresh water deal, but when you can call your clients take down to the second or twp thats pretty damn good as well. My post was really intended for what your talking about, a new stream or section of river, when it happens it makes us realize completely why we love fly fishing. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Yep…very real and very rewarding. Most of the time I think it’s simply knowing where the best fish should be in each run/hole and being prepared to set the hook as soon as anything happens. And sometimes it’s just thinking, “Man, there’s gotta be a fish there…” so you make the cast, let it drift to the spot, and set the hook…bam!…Fish on!

    • James,

      I agree with you 100% and I look forward to my next troutbum trip whete I can experience just that. Louis and I are happy to have you in the G&G community.


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