When Is a Pizza Not a Pizza?

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Photo by Rob Parkins rpoutside.com

Photo by Rob Parkins rpoutside.com

Q: When is a slice of pizza not a slice of pizza?

A: When it’s a rising trout!

I got this surreal photo via text from my buddy Rob Parkins (Photographer, Fly Tyer, Fishing Guide in Victor ID). It may be my favorite fly fishing photo ever. If you don’t see the trout yet, keep looking. Once you see it, it’ll blow your mind.

Like the Virgin Marry appearing in a piece of burnt toast the pizza trout was an oman of good things to come. Three weeks later Rob joined Kent and I on the South Fork for an unexpected salmon fly hatch. It was awesome!

Check out Rob’s site rpoutside.com to see more of his photos and find out about fishing opportunities.

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2 thoughts on “When Is a Pizza Not a Pizza?

  1. Mind blowing…

    Also check out the small emerging trout head one-third of the way in from the top left corner of the slice and just below the crust. We see what we want to see.

    Glad you caught the hatch.

  2. I am wondering what is in the bottle that allowed someone to see a trout, on the fly as it were, so as to entice them to take and present the photo. It must be great stuff!

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