Sunday Classic / Secrets of Alaska’s Best Guides

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The Contents of Whitney Gould's Pocket

What does it take to be a bad ass Alaska fly fishing guide?

Let’s dig around in Whitney Gould’s pocket and find out! Looks like some twenty pound mono, misc tying materials, candy wrappers, a Thing-a-mabobber, a cool heart shaped rock, an empty Pepto pack and a week old Twix. Whitney has the right stuff. In addition to guiding for trout and salmon at Alaska West she is a champion spey caster and the only person I have ever seen kill a salmon with a single boot to the head. She’s a bad ass. She will be hosting Lady’s Week at Andros South this year.

Whitney and friend photo by Louis Cahill

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Secrets of Alaska’s Best Guides

  1. Charlie Murphy’s phone number must be in her other pocket.

    btw, that doesn’t look like a Twix, Deke left something similar on the neighbors lawn. Just sayin’. She must be a bad ass if she’s carrying that around… in her pocket.

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