Fly Fishing The Immaculate Sunset

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Joel Dickey takes the last cast of the day.

In case the amazing tarpon, permit and bone fishing isn’t enough reason to get down to the Florida Keys!

Louis Cahill
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12 thoughts on “Fly Fishing The Immaculate Sunset

    • Thanks Mike!

      I’d like to point out, so that no one feels like I’m trying to pull a fast one, that there is a fair amount of Photoshop involved. Some people have feelings about that. This photo is intended to be pictorialist not documentary. what I have done is to book match the sky to create perfect symmetry, that would obviously not accrue in nature. It is meant to be obvious. Think of it as a painting. Photography is, after all an art. I’ll meet in the parking lot, anyone who says differently.

      • It seems to me, Louis, that your wonderful hyperbole piece can be applied to photography as well as to writing. For photography also is telling a story, and it also is, as you say, an art…finding the “many truths” among the facts.

      • No problem here. Funny thing – too often what comes out of the camera is not what you remember, is disappointing, and with a little saturation, et al, it suddenly recreates the scene as your mind’s eye perceived it. To my way of thinking, this is not a fast one. It’s showing it as it was – to you.

        Besides, harsh reality isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

        Art indeed.

        • That’s it exactly Mike. The camera is a soulless box. It doesn’t understand the experience and what’s more it doesn’t even record things as they are. You see with your brain, not you eye.

  1. Louis still one of my favorite photos you have taken and not because I’m in it but because that evening was still one of the most unbelievable evenings to fish.. That was the night of the water spout that came within 10 feet of the boat and we didn’t even feel a breath of air.. Still one of the coolest experiences …

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