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Photo by Louis Cahill

Back by popular demand, and because we enjoy it, it’s the Gink and Gasoline Caption Contest. Just leave a comment with you wittiest caption for this photo and next week we will pick a winner.


Photo by Louis Cahill


The winner will receive a 14″ X 17″ giclée print of this image on archival art canvas. We’re sure you have some great ideas so let ’em rip! (I couldn’t resist)

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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43 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Everyone was expecting Jerry to catch fish with his stealthy tactics…nobody was expecting his secret weapon would be giant fart clouds.

  2. Maybe if I look like a Trapon…..I will CATCH a Tarpon…..Be the Fish…Be the Fish….Beeeee the FIISH. SHIT……..I knew this shirt wouldnt work.

  3. Angler telling his buddy what he is doing in the photo – “Yeah, I’ll tell you why I am standing like that. I just blew the 5th cast in a row on a big string of tarpon and my guide says, ‘you can either jump off the boat or I am going to ass rape you'”.

    Buddy asks, “did you jump?” Angler replies, “a little at first.”

  4. “The calm before the storm.” Those tense few moments before a fish eats or refuses to eat. Resulting in either controlled kayos or uncontrolled disappointment, which can be somewhat difficult to watch.

  5. Damn! Theres a topless women on the beach! 9 o’clock. Pole me in closer… I’m all cammo, she can’t see me… Oh Yeah!

  6. Work it..Work it…Strip…Strip….Strip…Now slow it down… Oh, I’m sorry, I was talking to the hot chick in the back of the boat!!!

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