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Here’s a nice memory, just in time for Christmas.

Rummaging through my computer files looking for a photograph for an upcoming post today, I ran across this photo of my Dad and I. It’s at least five years old and taken about this time of year come to think of it. That day we had a great time fly fishing together, but it started off rough, since Dad kept setting the hook like Bill Dance. I think we broke off five trout before we brought the first fish to net. It’s the only time in my life I can recall hearing tippet making a bull whip snapping sound as it broke. Granted it was the first time my Dad had fly fished for trout that I know of, so I really can’t blame him for what happened. Apparently, I didn’t spend enough pre-fishing instruction on proper hook setting technique before we hit the water. Then again, I don’t know if it would have mattered, since Dad is much more accustom to fishing 14 pound test and dragging a 1/2 ounce weight in front of a plastic worm.

If my memory stands correct, I finally had to grab the fly rod from his hand and have him watch me set the hook on a trout before he finally got in a groove. If you asked him though, he’d chuckle, and tell you I’m blowing things way out of proportion. What Dad doesn’t know is I’m grateful for his cold start that day. By him breaking off all those fish in a row, it has left me with a permanent memory I’ll never forget. One that I can focus and grab onto if I ever feel the need to relive that moment in time with him again. It’s funny how it’s not always the big fish catches that create the long lasting memories for us. It’s often the odd-ball shenanigans while fishing that leave us with memories burned into our mind. It’s a real shame Dad doesn’t pick up a fly rod more often, because he happens to be a great fly caster. He’s better than most of my clients. There’s no doubt in my mind, he’s where I get my angling skills.

Despite my Dad being a huge outdoorsman, we actually don’t get together to enjoy the outdoors nearly as much as you’d think. His dedication to work, golf, hunting, grandparent duties and our distance apart, makes it tough for us to schedule fishing trips. It’s kind of ironic though, since he loves the outdoors and I ended up being a fishing guide. That being said, I owe a great deal of my success to my Father. He stressed to me at a very young age to always show up to work everyday prepared and not only on time, but early. He told me to surround myself with talent so I could learn how to be the best in my profession, and he told me to always take pride in my work, and that would ensure my best work would come out. Thanks Dad, without your advice and support I would have had to hang up being a guide a very long time ago.

What do you say about setting up a fishing trip after the new year? I’m itchin to hear that bull whip. Love you.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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6 thoughts on “Thank You Dad

  1. Great memories.Wish my Dad and I had more stream time. Best memory I of my Dad, is he and my grandfather teaching us how to cast on a trout pond and Gramps kept snagging the tree behind him. Rule #1- ALWAYS know what is Behind you.
    Hold on to them. Head out and make some more.
    Merry Christmas!
    Tight Lines,

  2. Teaching Dad is always a rewarding feeling. Had a similar day with my old man at the farms this fall. A day I’ll long remember. Thanks for sharing Kent!

  3. As a member of the Gray ling family, I can speak from the other side of the stream. Your entries are spot on, this one especially.Without doubt , as a consumed professional, the most memorable and rewarding times I had with my sons were when we were fishing together. That bond and the embellished BS is as good as a cold beer at the end of a beautiful day fishing. Happy Trails to Great Fishing !

  4. Love this post. Of course, it reminded me of times fishing with my dad.

    Dad taught me to fish using a fly rod but dunking eggs and worms in streams. One of my uncles finally got ‘hooked’ on fly fishing and I quickly moved away from Pautzke’s Balls of Fire and night crawlers. One evening while my dad and I were fishing one of our favorite beats the fish were going crazy on a hatch and I was bringing in fish after fish. This prompted my dad to break down and start flogging the water with a fly I had loaned him. He was so focused on his casting that when he finally hooked a small fry, he lifted the poor thing out of the water on the back cast and then promptly threw him back in. It was a moment we have both laughed about time after time.

    More importantly it was my dad who taught me to love the outdoors and to treat the waters we fished with respect. That more than any particular skill is what I will always remember him for.

  5. Fishing with my sons and grandsons and granddaughter make the best memories a family can have.

    My suggestion: Sons and daughters, take your dad fishing now… sooner rather than later. The opportunity will not be there forever. Same thing the other way around. Don’t wait.

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