Saturday Shoutout / The Lowcountry

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Once the low country gets under your skin, you’re never the same.

This short film by Ryan Griffin features some beautiful footage and great perspective on one of the beautiful places on earth. If you’re intrigued by saltwater marsh and tailing redfish, you’ll relish a few minutes in the world of the lowcountry.

This Is The Lowcountry

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Lowcountry

  1. I’m already on my way. My home in Pennsylvania and Cape May are for sale, and I already bought the property I’m going to build my new home on in Beaufort SC. The plans just got finished. It took over 16 months for the plans probably because they fish while they draw them, but that’s ok. There more to life than grinding it out in the North East worrying about all the nonsense they tell you is important. For more lowcountry info check out Garden and Gun magazine. It’s what convinced me to move south before I die. First thing I told the architect………..I need a three car garage, with a 10 ft wide door, so my boat can have a place to sleep inside. Great video! I may save it so I can look at it over and over. Thanks!

  2. I have stared at this video all day. They call it rails and reds when the tide floods like that. Shooting rails in the morning, fly fishing for reds in the afternoon. Love the music in the video too. I’m looking forward to a new way of life………this seems to fit the menu just fine. Not to mention, the people are extra friendly in the Low Country. Thanks for this post. It makes me feel great, thinking I made a great choice in life.

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