Saturday Shoutout / A Dog Named Kalik

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Three of my favorite things  Photo by Natasha Erbel

Three of my favorite things Photo by Natasha Erbel

This week’s shoutout is near to my heart.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for dogs, especially Bahamian Potcakes. They also likely know that my two favorite place to fish are South Andros and The Dean River in B.C. What everyone doesn’t know is that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with a certain little potcake named Kalik.

I was there on South Andros when Kara Knight adopted this awesome little puppy. It’s a truly great story and far too modestly told. Kara saved this sweet little dog, who was very sick, from a certain end. Now she’s Kalik The Steelhead Dog, and princes of The Dean.

Potcakes are the worlds best dogs. If there’s room in your home for one you should not hesitate. Check out Kara’s story and follow the link to learn how you can adopt a Bahamian Potcake.

A Dog Named Kalik


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / A Dog Named Kalik

    • The potcake is not a recognized breed but is not a generic term for mutt. It’s a specific mix of the working dogs brought to the islands by colonist to work the plantations. They come in a few variations. White ones like Kalik are fairly rare. They are usually brown and white or black and white. Some have ears that stand up (called sticky by the Bahamians) and other have floppy ears like Kalik. They are very district and have definite characteristics. They are awesome dogs!

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