Don’t Be Like This Guy

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I hope this is so obvious it needs no explanation.

There we are staked up waiting for migrating tarpon when this guy rolls up, jig at the ready. I’m sure he thought we were on fish. His kids huddled down in the floor of the boat and he wouldn’t even look at us. His wife at least had the decency to say, “I’m sorry.”

On the bow my buddy Scott offers an enthusiastic thumbs up. One of the reasons I love fishing with that guy. Nothing ruffles his feathers. I’d have likely put a hook in his ear. Scott was paid back karmicly by jumping a 150 pound tarpon that afternoon. It broke him off but it was still awesome. Wish I had a photo. I was on the phone with my mother. If you’re a mother, you call at the wrong time. It’s what you do.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend I wrote 1000 words on being decent to each other on the water, and don’t be like this guy.

Louis Cahill
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26 thoughts on “Don’t Be Like This Guy

  1. It appears you’re in the Keys. Believe it or not it’s a lot worse on the south west coast of Florida. What happens is people retire here not ever owning a boat. Then they decide to do what everyone else does and buy a boat, that’s where the fun starts. Many have no sense of how close to approach another boater engaged in fishing, guide or no guide. For them it’s just being friendly, to us it’s common sense to keep a fair distance. I’ve even had redfish tournament boats run me over because they were in a hurry to get from point A to point B. If you ever want to be entertained and you’re in the Boca Grande area, grab a 6 pack, a lawn chair and sit by the boat ramp, and you will see stuff you won’t believe, like boats unlatching their wench’s and dropping the boats on the ramp before they get to the water. What ever happened to common sense, it seems many throw that away when they buy a boat.

    • Yeah, always keep your wench securely latched up. Preferably in the basement. A gag is a good idea as well. You don’t want want her shouting and screaming. It might alert a passer-by or worse yet the police. 😉

  2. same thing happened to me in the keys. Staked out fishing rollers in a channel which was basically a tarpon highway at that point with fish moving with the current, dude goes motoring across the channel at speed about 50 yards up current, turns, and posts up on the other side. I found out that my guide is a poet with curse words. Then I stuck one 30 feet off the bow about 10 minutes later and he put on a nice display in front of their boat until I got broken off. I’ll take that kind of karmic “FU” any day.

    • So you are staked out along a CHANNEL, and upset that somebody ran his boat down that CHANNEL? And it was so harmful to the bite you were on that you hooked a fish 10 minutes later? Your whiny Keys guide has trained you well.

      • No, we were on a flat. His boat was well out of the channel, which is 7 miles wide (so see if you can guess where we were,) he just thought we were on fish and came to cast to them.

      • I’m not talking a known thoroughfare channel, a natural channel between two grass flats, It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of water on that line for him to fish (or pass without being a dick, about Three other boats didn’t seem to have a problem with it) You don’t run at speed that close crossing over the water someone is obviously targeting and then post up on the other side 400 feet away. Just like you don’t low hole people on the river. Common courtesy. I mean why do you think he came over, because he liked the color of my hat? No, because he saw us taking shots and come tight to one. You would have been pissed too if you found a bunch of happy ass fish within 30 minutes of the dock and had someone do that, but maybe I’m just whiny.

  3. I think Scott’s “bird” finger was photoshopped in that pic haha! I wonder why people have to hover like that? The same thing happens on the river. Only if they could see the huge question mark that pops up over my head.

  4. Believe it or not, it happens on Loch Sheelin in Ireland during the mayfly, Ephemera Danica, hatch. When we’re fishing dry fly to shy, cruising trout feeding on spent flies in the evening, you very quickly learn to cast sitting down, play your fish with your rod tip sideways and net like a ninja!!
    If you make the mistake of standing to cast at a fish, you’ll find a pile of boats heading for yours like flies to a fresh cowsh!t!!

  5. Sadly this shit happens everywhere. Come to the Texas coast and every slappy with enough money to buy a boat is out there with no clue. And worse is the typical boat is a big, flat-bottom tunnel hull sled with a huge motor so they can tear-ass across a 6″ deep flat at WOT and spook every red around.

  6. Well you must not fish on the West Coast, in Boca Grande the Tarpon capital of the world ~ boats are 10, 15 feet apart. They pull up and rotate in line to get jumped. Just how it is ~ it’s a different kind of fishing during Tarpon season. Not that I like or agree with it, just the way it is. . . .

  7. Had something like this happen with a charter asshole in Sitka. He literally parked 10 yards off our bow, right where we were casting into a hole. We relocate, and the shitpouch does it again when he sees us getting into em. Guy is severely lucky that there were…. A. Kids on his boat. B. A lot more understanding people than me on my boat. I was ready to send the old 3 oz treble weighted “grey fly” his direction.

  8. You just gotta laugh! This guy has no clue, however, you both have been blessed. If he does it 15 minutes later it’s not funny. Feel sorry for his wife! Hope you and Scott enjoyed a beer or two after this

  9. Fishing last weekend in Florida, a guy and his family did the same thing. When we yelled and told them they were too close, they turned, came toward us and at 20 feet, politely asked what we had said since they couldn’t hear us at 70 feet.

  10. Way to handle it Scott! We all got to just keep on smiling and casting. So many times we see this as disrespect when often it is ignorance. Yelling matches never help! Good times/tight lines

  11. Try being a trout angler in Scotland during Salmon season. Salmon anglers constantly walk through your swim, move your line out the way, cast at you or over your line or wherever the f@*£ they want. Its a joke when particular anglers think they have more right to fish a water than you do. Never had a fist fight since I left school (I’m 33) until 3 weeks ago when a salmon angler cut my fly line with his snips. I stayed calm told him that that was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fishing life. He replied with “deal with it!”, so I did.

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