Don’t Be Like This Guy

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I hope this is so obvious it needs no explanation.

There we are staked up waiting for migrating tarpon when this guy rolls up, jig at the ready. I’m sure he thought we were on fish. His kids huddled down in the floor of the boat and he wouldn’t even look at us. His wife at least had the decency to say, “I’m sorry.”

On the bow my buddy Scott offers an enthusiastic thumbs up. One of the reasons I love fishing with that guy. Nothing ruffles his feathers. I’d have likely put a hook in his ear. Scott was paid back karmicly by jumping a 150 pound tarpon that afternoon. It broke him off but it was still awesome. Wish I had a photo. I was on the phone with my mother. If you’re a mother, you call at the wrong time. It’s what you do.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so pretend I wrote 1000 words on being decent to each other on the water, and don’t be like this guy.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Like This Guy

  1. A good friend of mine was a long-time tarpon guide out of Marathon in the Keys. He had a favorite shallow spot on the ocean side where the fish would cut west after coming out of the Gulf. It must have been difficult to see, because “weekenders” would run up on the spot and then have to grind their way back into deeper water. For a number of years he tried to wave boats off, but would just receive a finger from folks who thought he was trying to “save his spot.” He finally gave up the warning and just told his clients to sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. I used to have a Salmon boat on Lake Ontario, and we contended with this all the time.. If you got into a fish, you kept it a secret for as long as possible, hoping nobody else would notice. But invariably a moron would mysteriously appear and would actually go right over your line while you’re fighting the salmon. And another moron crossing your stern. We’d put up with it for a while then we’d intentionally hook their line as they crossed our wake while trolling, reel the two rigs in, cut their line and keep their rig. Most times they’d go away after that. Rude idiots.

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