The New Zealand Strike Indicator

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It’s not often that a product comes along which changes the way I fish.

I don’t always fish an indicator, but when I do, it’s this one. I absolutely love it. It’s sensitive, stealthy, versatile and super easy to use. Long story short, it puts more fish in my net. What’s not to love about that?

When I talk to folks about the New Zealand Indicator, I’m surprised how many of them don’t understand it. Most people think of it as a yarn indicator. It’s not at all. It’s so much more. That’s why I was exited to catch up with Barry Dombro at IFTD and shoot,a video that shows how cool it is.

Check out the video and give this baby a try.

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13 thoughts on “The New Zealand Strike Indicator

    • There are 2 ways of looking at that.

      1 you can use a larger piece of yarn to suspend a heavier fly.

      2 and this is what I prefer. Let the fly sink the indicator and watch it through the water. It does just as good a job of showing strikes and you get a much more natural drift.

      I hope that helps.

  1. Highly recommended for those who use indicators, It is very packable, light to carry, easy to use and effective. This product is genius.

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