Airlock, The Better Bobber

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With the Bobber Wars Roaring, it’s the perfect time to talk about strike indicators.

We all fish indicators, so why not fish a better indicator. If you like the bobber style indicators, you’ll love Airlock indicators. Their ingenuous post and nut attachment system is fast and easy, will not slide once tightened and won’t put a mark on your leader.

I caught up with Tim Rajeff at IFTD and he showed us the features and how to set up the Airlock strike Indecator. I’m including a clever video on how to set up the Airlock as an adjustable 90 degree indicator.

Check out these videos for the details.

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6 thoughts on “Airlock, The Better Bobber

  1. They’re great until you lose the screw-on top. They are usually for sale in a large plastic candy jar — pick it up and check down at the bottom of the container. The manufacturer always throws in a bunch of extra tops down there, and the guys at our fly shop will give them to us for free if we ask. Wish they made one just one size smaller for chironomid fishing.

  2. Why are you all using these bobbers that are influencing your cast to much? Did you ever see an aerodynamic car that is completely round? With a bit wind you already notice the influence on your cast when using this, an other, rounshaped bobbers.. I use bobbers used for still water fishing, coarse fishing like they do a lot in the UK, Holland etc.. I modify them a bit, make them less tall. They have a way better shape than the product above.

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