New Products From Derek DeYoung

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It’s safe to say that just about anyone who’s held a fly rod knows the name Derek DeYoung.

Derek’s vivid and stunning art work has shown up everywhere, from magazine covers and fly reels to industry-insider promotional gifts. His unique vision makes his work instantly recognizable. His paintings and prints are highly desirable and owning one is the ultimate mark of fly fishing cool.

Now there are a whole host of new products sporting Derek’s distinctive art. Glassware, iPad and iPhone cases and boat wraps to name a few. Best of all you can get them directly from Derek.

In this video Derek and his wife Jenelle show off some of their new products.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

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8 thoughts on “New Products From Derek DeYoung

  1. Did Kent really say (2:58) “You’re a big fan of mine”? LOL!

    I laugh because it is something I would accidentally say, given that I frequently get tongue tied in conversation myself. Good times… 🙂

    Great looking products though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looking forward to seeing his new products. I’ve always loved his artwork and to see it on other stuff (hats, shirts, mugs, etc) is really cool

  3. Hey guys, Don’t be so man on the hard. I mean, we all do that every again and now. How would you feel If you was that?! Hey Kent, hang in there brother! Reel it keep

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