RIO Perception Fly Line Review and Product Video

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RIO Perception Fly Line. Photo By: Louis Cahill

RIO has made a big splash for itself this year with its new RIO Perception fly line. It was awarded Best New Fly Fishing Line for 2014 at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) and it also took home the award for Best New Freshwater Fly Line at the International Fly Tackle Dealers show (IFTD) in Las Vegas.

For the last few months I’ve fished it a good bit and I’ve guided with it as well. So far, I’ve been really pleased with the performance of the Perception fly line, and some of the new features have even made my guiding easier. For example, the SureFire tri-color system has made it quicker and easier for me to explain the anatomy of the fly line (front taper, belly, rear taper, running line) to my novice clients. Furthermore, I like that the SureFire system allows my beginners to look down at their fly line and quickly know whether they have too much line out to begin their cast or need to strip in. And I’ve taught my more advanced clients to use the color change in the fly line as distance markers. Doing so, it’s much easier for them to make the same distance cast over and over again, whether they’re pounding the bank with a streamer or trying to hit the tiny feeding lane of a lone riser on the far bank.

The Perception fly line has proven to be a very diverse fly line. I’d say it lands somewhere between a RIO Trout Gold and RIO Grand fly line, which allows it to cast well for a wide range of fly rods with different actions. It’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology seems to help with the sensitivity of the fly line, particularly when setting the hook and mending at long distances. In my opinion, all the features I’ve touched on, along with the MaxCast, MaxFloat and AgentX Technology, makes the RIO Perception fly line a solid choice for trout anglers. If you go out on the water and consistently use the unique features of this fly line, the way they were intended to be used, it should help you become a more accurate and efficient fly caster. The RIO Perception fly line retails for $89.95.

Check out this video below, featuring Zach Dalton from RIO, as he explains the overall design many of the unique features of the RIO Perception fly line.

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5 thoughts on “RIO Perception Fly Line Review and Product Video

  1. I picked up the new Perception line two weeks ago. I intended to replace the Rio Gold on my 5wt with another since I’ve been very happy with it, but at the recommendation of my friend at the fly shop went with new Perception instead. All I know is that it casts great and am very pleased. It seems to have improved my accuracy too. Great line. ive already recommended it to a couple of buddies. I am seriously thinking of getting a 3 wt Perception line next!

  2. You mentioned the color change for distance markers. This may seem to be a bit OCD, but a few years ago I started marking all my lines at 25′ (one large band), 30-35′ (10 small hashes, that length seems to load my rods the best), 50′ (two large black bands), and 75′ (3 bands). I also mark out a 3 foot long inch ruler on the tip section of my line so I can measure and get the fish back in the water much faster, followed by shorthand markings for the line wt/taper. I think it would be cool if line makers started doing something like that, especially for salt lines and streamer lines. I found I’ve been much better at managing line, and much more efficent with those marks.

  3. I am looking at buying a new line for a 6wt rod. I am between the Rio Perception and SharkSkin. Does anyone have any preferences for one or the other or positives and negatives of each?


    • Justin,

      I own a SharkSkin for a Sage One 7wt. It casts well but I believe the advertised increase in shootability is a little exaggerated. Also, I like peace and quiet when I am fly fishing and the SharkSkin textured line sliding through the guides makes more noise than i like. I enjoy hearing the line cut through the air, not the line texture humming through the guides.

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