Keep your thirst quenched without the baggage

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Feeling the love from my Katadyn water bottle during a long hike-in out west. Photo By: Louis Cahill

It’s late spring and everyday we’re moving one step closer to summer.

Air temperatures are climbing into the 70s and 80s on most days and will soon be even higher. These conditions make it extremely important that anglers are staying properly hydrated while they’re on the water fly fishing. I really enjoy hiking into remote locations to fly fish for trout. The only problem with me doing this, is I’m constantly fighting to quench my thirst and stay hydrated. I used to utilize packs with internal bladders for storing my drinking liquids, but there were quite a few disadvantages that came along with using them. First, when filled to full capacity, they become quite heavy and take a tole on your body lugging them around all day. Secondly, if you’re using them during the warm seasons and you’re doing some aggressive hiking and fishing, eventually that cold liquid you filled the bladder with in the morning will eventually warm up and end up tasting like bath water. Thirdly, internal bladder systems require maintenance and cleaning to keep them from building up bacteria and mold. Five years ago, I decided to ditch the internal bladder systems in exchange for a light weight water filtration bottle, and I’ve never looked back. Doing so, I eliminated the three negatives I mentioned above with using internal water bladders, and I no longer have to ration my water intake during the day. This product will keep you fresh during your time on the water and you’ll have far less fatigue when you return home.

Katadyn Water Filtration Bottles



There are several companies in the outdoor industry that manufacture water filtration bottles. Before I bought mine I took the time to ask several of my fly fishing buddies who spend a lot of time traveling and hiking to fly fish. Almost every fishing buddy of mine recommended that I go with the company Katadyn. Pricing and models range from $44.95-$79.50 and can safely filter 100 liters of water before the filter needs to be changed.

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8 thoughts on “Keep your thirst quenched without the baggage

  1. For even more convenience and portability, check out SteriPEN. About the size of a large sharpie, uses UV light to sterilize the very water you are around all day fishing and only takes about 90 seconds to sterilize a liter of water.

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  5. I’m on my 3rd year with a filter and would never go back. This is my 2nd with a Sawyer Mini Filter. Fill a plastic 16 oz bag (provided), attach filter and start drinking. At 3 oz. I’ll never carry nalgene again.

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