Fly Fishing Patagonia: Video

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Justin and I have a small part in this beautiful video.

Our trip to Patagonia last year remains the coolest trout fishing trip I’ve ever taken. We were fortunate to be on the water with Pablo Saracco and get a little screen time on his project for Andes Drifters.

This film features some of the most mouth-watering trout rivers on the planet. Watching the takes and jumps of the wild Patagonian trout takes me right back there. I know you’ll appreciate it too.

I’m hosting a group for this same trip again in February. If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to pull the trigger. We’ll be wrapping it up soon. It’s an amazing experience and a real bargain as destination fly fishing goes.

You can get all of the details HERE

And an itinerary for the trip HERE

Enjoy the video!

Louis Cahill
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