Fly Fishing in the Winter – Getting in the Routine

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Fly fishing in the winter poses difficulties, but also plenty of positives. Photo Louis Cahill

I’ll be the first to admit, that the first few cold fronts of the year negatively effect my angling morale.

Those initial cold fronts are always a sobering reminder that winter is quickly approaching, and the warm days of the summer and fall are long gone. Yes, this is the time of year that I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. My snooze button gets quite a bit more love from my index finger, and I’m forced to brew my coffee extra stout. As I loosen up in the shower, with my morning stretches, and warm water hitting my back (as us old folks are plenty familiar with), I think about my next objective of the day, which will be to de-thaw my frozen waders and boots. I left them laying in the back of my truck, and yes, I know, I should have brought them inside. I respectfully ask you all to turn your cheek because it always takes me a few weeks before I wise up to the cold season. That’s why, if you peak into the window of my truck this time of year, you’ll probably find me driving around with my waders and boots on the floorboard of my truck, with my heater set to high, and blasting on my feet.

As I drive the curvy mountain roads into town, in total darkness, dodging patches of black ice and the occasional suicide deer, I’m accompanied by the jamming tunes of Rob Zombie. I find his music to be excellent for getting me pumped up to catch big trout and  overcome freezing temperatures. And it’s about this time of my day, that I finally forget about all the negatives that fly fishing brings during the winter, and I start focusing on all the positives. I remind myself that I’ve got one of the greatest jobs on the planet. I think about how nice it’s going to be, for a change, to actually float a river with some solitude with my clients. Most of all, I think about all of the big trout that have started to drop their guard because of the sharp decline in angling pressure and their need to fatten up for the winter. My last leg of the trip into town, moments before I meet my clients, I find myself wearing a grin from ear to ear and I relish the warm fuzzy feelings in my chest, that comes to me every time I’m about to hit the water for all the right reasons.

It’s going to be a good winter……

Keep it Reel,

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Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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7 thoughts on “Fly Fishing in the Winter – Getting in the Routine

  1. While I don’t do it much, I’ve never had a bad time fishing in winter. Had a blast last week at -6 degrees on the Dream Stream in Colorado. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. It feels so good to feel the tug when others are ignoring the opportunity.

  2. Headed up to the Salmon this weekend with real feel temps around 14. Any tips for avoiding iced up guides besides dipping the rod in the water? Does the loon paste work? I’ve heard of people using cooking spray but that just seems like a great way to gum up your gear.

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