Saturday Shoutout / Single Hand Skaters

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I don’t know of anything cooler than catching a steelhead on a swung dry fly.

Dillon Rento and Sterling Dillingha make it look pretty easy in this beautifully shot video by Tyler Orton and Curtis Ciszek, sourced from The Amberjack Journal. It’s pretty cool to watch some skilled dudes spey cast single-handers and put some nice fish in the air.

Check out Single-Handers and Skaters.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Single Hand Skaters

  1. Fun to see this again, particularly as I leave tomorrow for Gaspe and taking an old bamboo rod to swing skaters for Atlantics…..and , of course, I will try to master single handed Spey. If I can get even one fish to follow and grab it will be a successful experiment as dead drifting is a bore, innit?

  2. What is the location in this superb video?

    It make me wish I turn back the clock-years not hours, minutes or seconds.

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