Saturday Shoutout / Fall Run

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This film by Todd Moen is one of my favorite fly fishing films ever.

Anyone who has ever fished for steelhead will feel their heart pounding in the first few minutes of this film. The amazing shots of fish and water alone are enough to have you punching the replay button but just wait. The final scene is one of the craziest battles ever witnessed between man and fish!

G&G contributor and great friend Jeff Hickman shows some serious skills in bringing wild steelhead to hand. If you don’t have a steelhead trip planned for this season, you will soon.

Check out Fall Run

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Fall Run

  1. Louis, Jeff in Oregon here:

    This awesome video is a documentary on why, after fishing all over the country for many years, I chose to live and fish in the Pacific Northwest.

    Kuddos to everyone involved in producing this video !!


  2. My steelhead trip was certainly tamer than this. The risk/reward tolerance of these two fishermen is off the charts. I thought I was bad. They are fishing warriors to be sure.

    Awesome video. Goes to show you that filming real adventures can outgun fantasy any time in my book! Also, the story told in less than 15 minutes was terrific.

    Thank you for showing it to us, Louis.

  3. Unbelievable. Incredible. Off-the-chart awesome. The embers for steelhead had already been lit but images and video like this create a bonfire. And the chase down the river gave me chills. THANK YOU for documenting and commenting fishing like this for those of us far removed from the locations that offer it. Its motivating and encouraging and pushes us to never give up chasing that dream. Absolutely fantastic!!

  4. Thanks Louis for the post. Glad to see a bunch of new viewers enjoying this for the first time! Appreciate the support and big high five to Jakob and Jeff for the big effort in the “Run Series”!

  5. What can you say but “AWESOME”. I wish I was 25 years old again to discover this joy of life. My hat is off to these guys and the cameraman, editor, and Mother Nature.

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