Sunday Classic / Cat Island Bones

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White sand, blue water, bonefish and rum. What more do you need?

Cat Island is not known as a bonefishing destination. It’s a quiet island with beautiful beaches, warm people and modest fishing opportunities, compared to its neighbors. It’s not South Andros or Bimini but it’s a place I have grown to love.

The flats fishing is purely a DIY scene. The fish are small but really spooky and that makes them rewarding to catch them. They are a food source for the locals, so the fish who are on the flats have earned that right. I take a kayak and paddle to some flats I know to spend the day wading. The bonefish are always good to me.

It was inevitable that I get a GoPro camera. I took it with me on my last trip to Cat Island and shot this video. So, have a click and enjoy five minutes of Cat Island Bones!

Read more about DIY bonefishing in the Bahamas (Here)

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Cat Island Bones

  1. Sweet video. A double rainbow is never a bad thing. And those fish are not that small. I could catch them until the cows come home. (Whatever that means)

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  4. Louis, it is uncommon for me to last through a 5 minute vid. You did such a great job on this, especially considering the limits of the camera. Thanks for sharing this.

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