Saturday Shoutout / Venturing to Cuba

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imageIf you’re like me, you have lots of questions.

When President Obama announced new policies on relations with Cuba recently the fly fishing community just about wet itself in unison. For as long as I can remember Cuba has been whispered about and rumored to be the ElDorado of saltwater fly fishing. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Google earth day dreaming of the day that border would open.

It’s certainly not unheard of for anglers to skirt the rules and get a little fishing time in Cuba, but it could be that very soon it will be as easy as running down to the Bahamas. There are still more questions than answers and as many rumors. I was glad to see this piece from The Venturing Angler. It may help answer a few of your questions.

Check out “A New Course On Cuba And Fly Fishing


Louis Cahill
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8 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Venturing to Cuba

  1. Being Italian i know well how strong the Italian travel company AVALON is linked with the Cuban admistration.
    There are only few of the known availables hot spots
    for fly fishing not completely in their hands. Going this
    way the wonderful fisheries of Cuba will become soon
    a monopoly “for rich fishermen only”.
    I have ever refused to pay the absurd rates AVALON calls for his services, particularly because only a minimal amount of the income remains in the hands of the Cuban guides and workers. Yes, Cuba has wonderful
    areas for fly fishing but if a radical and fast change in the
    assignment of the licenses will not occur, at the time the
    “normal” U.S. tourist fisherman will arrive there the prices for the fishing will be incredibly high.
    I’ve fished the Cayo Paredon and the Cienaga de Zapata area several times: there are competent and hard working guides, still independent, at both locations
    but i fear this situation will change for worse in a short
    span of time. I sincerely hope to be wrong and excessively pessimistic, but the signals i see are not good. Aldo Orlando

    • Avalon may be the only thing standing in the way of the destruction of the Cuban salt water fly fishing golden era. The eventual tidal wave of Americans will crush the fishery.
      Besides, once the border is opened, it wont be long before the Cuban gov is lobbied to end the Avalon monopoly…free market baby. Any hubba joe from anywhere will be able to fish the sh*t out of any flat in Cuba.

      • American Dan Snow R.I.P. started the fishing business in fresh and saltwater that the Cuban Gov. now ‘leases’ to Avalon. Gov. takes 51%, Avalon 49% and must buy all fuel, food, hire Cubans, rent ports, etc. from Gov. Add the costs for skiffs, matenance, dive equip….That is why the rates for fishing and diving guests are limited and not cheap. Everyone in wolf has the opportunity to visit that Island. Cuba like Andros, Guanaja, Easter Island can only accommodate a few, so the first to make a reservation gets a spot. The UN pay Cuba Gov to preserve the Gardens of the Queen and the renovation of the historic houses along the Malecon.

  2. I guy I know in S. FL has fished tournaments in Cuba several times. He says the fishing is pretty good, although not out-of-the-world, but he says there is much better accomodations/restaurants/basics at many other islands.

  3. I am Brazilian and I have fished in Cuba with Avalon the last three years. I went twice in 2014 and will double this year as well. I already fished flats of the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Bahamas … and I did not find as good fishing as that of Cuba. I’ve fished in Cayo Largo, Isle of Youth and Queen’s Garden. all are spectacular spots. The guides are great as the entire Avalon’s staff is

  4. My apologies to all you American fly fishermen, but I’m sure the rest of the world is hoping the border stays closed to you. The last thing Cuban bonefish/tarpn/permit need is a pack of y’all down there chucking flies.
    – A Canadian fly fisherman.

  5. Come now Cahill. What happened to free speech? There is no room for a dissenting voice here? I realize it might be difficult to accept, but it is true… There are as many people outside of the States who don’t want Americans fishing in Cuba as Americans who want to fish there. Think about it, would you want thousands of new people fishing at spot you been going to for years? Likely not. You have a lot of good things to say about fishing, but your failure to present a well rounded picture of this issue is weak and shows a complete lack of transparency. Poor form.

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