Look More and Fish Less on Small Streams

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Look more and fish less on small streams to increase your catches. Photo: Louis Cahill

When I’m not in my drift boat on the river I’m wading fishing on small streams.

Most large rivers don’t provide much sight-fishing opportunities for the fly angler unless they have low enough flows, clear enough water or plenty of rising fish. On the contrary, almost all small streams offer great sight-fishing opportunities for fly fisherman. Fly fishing small streams over the years, I’ve learned that if I take the time to look over a spot thoroughly before I fish it, I usually have much more success.

Spending just a couple minutes studying a section of water allows me to break it down into pieces, figure out where the most likely trout lies are and I often will even spot a fish or two in the process. Blind casting will catch fish, but if you’re abel to locate a trout before you begin fishing, you’ll know exactly where to position and present your fly on the first cast to give you the best shot at catching it. And that means, your chances of lining or spooking fish will drop considerably, you’ll usually be able to see if your flies are drifting in the right line or even see if the fish your fishing to likes or dislikes your fly pattern. This strategy isn’t for everyone but it works very well for me and I hope it helps some of you out there find more success.

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3 thoughts on “Look More and Fish Less on Small Streams

  1. This is something I had to learn to do over the years and it has definitely increased my hookup ratio. Before I was always too eager to get into the water and start chucking flies all over the place. If you just take a few minutes before you step into the water to observe, you’ll often learn a lot about the trout you’re fishing to, and your drifts will be more productive in the end.

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