Tie The White Marabou Streamer

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White Marabou Streamer Photo by Louis Cahill

White Marabou Streamer Photo by Louis Cahill

My good friend Dan Flynn grew up in Maine chasing the giant brook trout in the Rangeley Lakes region.

These days you can find him high in the headwaters of the Southern Appalachians after the local brookies or tied into a big wild brown downstream. The geography may have changed but there is still a lot of Maine in his tying.

Dan ties and fishes several old school Maine flies with great success here in the Southeast. One of my favorites is this classic White Marabou Streamer. This fly is a stream vacuum anywhere you fish it. Check out the video and tie a few up. I promise they will put you on some trout.

Louis Cahill
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16 thoughts on “Tie The White Marabou Streamer

  1. These are hands down my favorite type of flies for early season Crappies. Just cast to logs, or fallen trees and short strip retrieve. Just don’t strip set. Great fly, thanks.

  2. Nice tie for sure. I’m thinking I might have to carry some of these next time I’m on some of my small streams.

  3. I love these basic, simple patterns. One of my favorite land locked salmon patterns is a Black Ghost tied with a white marabou wing. The major difference between the Ghost, and the White Marabou Streamer is the body, which is black floss.

    I also fish a Gartside Softhackle a great deal on our local waters in the Spring and Fall. These small, white marabou streamers are incredibly effective under all types of conditions.

  4. Here is a possible topic to any of you bloggers out there…
    Why don’t any of the people who do the really cool and very informative super-ultra-up-close fly tying videos (like this one) ever get manicures? Every single video makes it appear that the Frankenstein monster is doing the tying. The shabby condition of some tier’s hands actually distract me at times. It is out there for all time people! Give the hands a little love before filming them!
    Just wondering…

  5. White marabou is magic stuff. You can skip the tail, body and peacock herl topping. White marabou on a hook and you’re in business for anything that eats little fish.

  6. If you are planning to fish the South Branch Potomac or Shen. River drainages bring your streamers but leave the white marabou at home. Thanks to the poultry industry white turkey marabou is the most common form of streamside litter. Try basic black , olive or even gold/yellow to mimic the local forage , not the summer snow brought to you by Perdue et. al.

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  8. Lovin the Norman Greenbaum music in the background! Great video and looks like an even better fly. Thanks for posting this video Mr. Cahill, gunna try and whip up a couple of these up tonight. Tight lines to Mr. Flynn from a fellow Mainer.

    Thomas Cochran.

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