Tie Connor’s Jerk Minnow

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This deceptively simple fly is all about the action.

Connor Jones, from Cohutta Fishing Company, ties this versatile baitfish pattern for bass and trout here in the southeast. It’s a simple fly with a clean profile and it’s easy to tie in a variety of colors.

The secret to the jerk minnow is it’s action. Connor builds a hard, hollow head, from Senyo’s Laser dub and Clear Cure Hydro, which captures air and gives the jerk minnow an erratic darting action, when stripped hard. Big predatory fish can’t resist it

It’s a fly that will produce fish on lakes and rivers. Tie it in the colors and size to match the forage species on your local waters. Strip hard and hang on tight!

Watch the video and learn to tie Connor’s Jerk Minnow

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Tie Connor’s Jerk Minnow

  1. Way to go Connor! You’re big time now! Gonna come up and grab a few of these a boys to throw at some largemouth hogs this summer!

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