The UV Chocolate

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Everybody Likes Chocolate Photo by Louis Cahill

Everybody Likes Chocolate Photo by Louis Cahill

Having an effective selection of midge patterns can make the difference between a great day of trout fishing and a day of self loathing.

Often days when the midge bite is at its best nothing much else seems to be happening hatch wise. That’s an important reason to know your midges. They can make the difference between catching a lot of fish or no fish.

edit-7240It’s not uncommon to see great midge hatches on cold overcast days when other bugs stay home. The great thing about the UV Chocolate is that these are the conditions where it shines. No really, it shines. The the UV ice dub wing, which already reacts to UV light is also treated with Spectrum Responce, from West Water, for extra highlighting.

Trout’s eyes are highly sensitive to UV light and they use that sensitivity to find food on dark days or when water clarity is low. This flys highly reflective UV profile makes it a great tool on overcast days when midges are present.

Watch the video and learn to tie the UV Chocolate.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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9 thoughts on “The UV Chocolate

  1. I like the looks of this fly. Two questions: Where do you get the UV dubbing and what knot did you use to attach the dry. It looked a lot quicker than the clinch.

  2. I like the simplicity of the nymph.

    The amount of wraps to form the body got me thinking. Have you tried using very fine dubbing of some sort to speed up a bit? Or even pheasant tail fibers?

    • I use present tail for the shop vac, another of my favorite patterns. No reason it will not work here but the thread is more durable. I prefer thread to dubbing because it gives me a lot of control over the shape of the body and I like the clean silhouette for a midge.

  3. This looks like a productive fly. Do you have a size, color name, and manufacturer name for the glass bead in the photo. It would also be helpful if you include the name of the craft store where you purchase the beads. Thanks…

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