The Scott “Tie Something Different” Fly Tying Contest Winner

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What Could You Make Out Of This?

What Could You Make Out Of This?

It’s amazing what you can tie from the Dollar Store!


First let me say thank you to everyone who tied flies and entered the contest. I was blown away by the creative submissions we received. There was however a pretty clear winner.


I’m proud to introduce to you Peterson’s Dollar Store Diver!


This beautiful dear hair diver was crafted by Eric Peterson using A pile of crazy materials including fake wigs and rhinestones from a Bedazzler. This diver pattern is as fishy as it is fantastic. Great job Eric!

image1 image4

It is worth mentioning that Eric is not the same Eric Peterson famous for the Peterson’s spawning shrimp pattern. I guess all guys named Eric Peterson are just awesome tyers.


Thanks to the folks at Scott Fly Rods for their generous support and thanks to everyone who entered.


Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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6 thoughts on “The Scott “Tie Something Different” Fly Tying Contest Winner

  1. No fake wigs, Bedazzlers, nor rhinestones at the local Family Dollar store which opened recently ! Daily Duster, Kitchen Brush, 3 gift Bow & Ribbon set or those rubber hair bands……….Great bass diver !

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