Saturday’s Shoutout / Planet Trout & Small Fly Funk

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This weeks Saturday shoutout goes to Planet Trout and Small Fly Funk

Planet Trout           Small Fly Funk

If you’re wanting to learn more about fishing and tying small nymphs, emergers and dries, these two blogs are a good place to start. I really dig many of the fly patterns on the Planet Trout blog and Small Fly Funk, is super cool because it focuses on fishing and tying fly patterns size 20 and smaller. Both blogs I think are cool in their own ways. Got check them out and support the guys that are writing them.

Keep it Reel,

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Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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6 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / Planet Trout & Small Fly Funk

  1. Definitely a couple of cool sites with some really nice patterns. It’s cool to see some folks focusing on the smaller side of fly tying. I don’t typically use flies smaller that maybe a #22, but I’ve had some of my best days fishing the tiny stuff. And I’ve seen people catch fish like mad on size #32 midge larvae….on tv anyways…lol. Thanks for sharing these sites Kent!

    • Justin,

      I thought the same thing. I really dig the fly tying blogs. A lot of the times it’s where I get inspiration to tie at the bench and spark a little extra creativity. Glad you enjoyed them.


  2. Hey Kent…. thanks for that, always cool to receive support and props. And Tim’s a gent, and catches more trout than me so he wins the shoot out. Close run thing, mind 🙂

    Thanks man. Andy

    • Andy,

      Your very welcome. I wasn’t putting you up against each other at all. You are both unique blogs that I think are very cool and look forward to following for a very long time.


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