Saturday Shoutout / Koz’s Steelhead Kandy & TFM 12 Days of Xmas

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Today’s fly fishing Saturday Shoutout on Gink & Gasoline, we spotlight Brian Kozminski’s signature Great Lakes Steelhead Kandy. If you like surfing the web for fly fishing related content, you’ve probably run across Michigan fly fishing guide and veteran blogger, Brian Kozminski many times in the past. Brian is highly active in the fly fishing scene, an all around friendly dude, and a very talented guide and fly tier. There’s nothing not to like about this Brian and I love that he’s stayed humble despite his huge following.

When I ran across Koz’s Steelhead Kandy fly pattern, I immediately wanted to showcase it on the G&G website. This proven Great Lakes steelhead fly pattern tied by Brian, is special for a number of reasons. First, it’s extremely easy to tie. So easy, in fact, a first-time fly tier could manage the tying recipe), but it’s also extremely durable and versatile enough that the attractor pattern can be downsized to catch trout and other species. I’m in the process of tying some of these guys up right now, and I’ll be getting them wet later this week.

For a step-by-step tying tutorial, click the link below.

Koz’s Steelhead Kandy

TFM’s 12 Days of Xmas Giveaways Starts this Monday


Cameron Mortenson does it right every year with this TFM 12 Days of Christmas fly fishing gear giveaways. Every year is more impressive than the last, and quite a few lucky supporters of TFM find themselves with one or two extra Christmas presents for the year. We support this wonderful event that requires a lot of planning and hard work to pull off on Cameron’s end.

This Monday, December 9th, The festivities will kick off and we suggest that all of our readers go out and get in on the action, for a chance to win some great gifts. All you have to do, is send a daily email to play. One email per participant only, and you’ll receive a confirmation email back from TFM afterwards. Last year, the contest generated over 17,500 emails, and Cameron expects even more participation this year. Happy Holidays and thank you for tuning into Gink & Gasoline.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Koz’s Steelhead Kandy & TFM 12 Days of Xmas

  1. Great fly from a great guy. There is not enough time and space to list all the good Koz does (and tries to do) for trout, streams, flyfishing and kids in Michigan. We could use a lot more like him. A well deserved shout out.

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