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Kleis’s Mysis pattern. Photo courtesy of

If you’ve ever fly fished in Colorado, or for that matter, on any trout stream or river that has large numbers of Mysis Shrimp, you probably know how important it can be to have some of these patterns stocked in your fly box. Years back, during my maiden fly fishing trip to the Frying Pan River, in Colorado, I had an unbelievable day catching one trophy trout after another, on Mysis Shrimp patterns. There’s no doubt, without the aid of my Mysis Shrimp patterns, I wouldn’t have landed nearly as many trout during my time in Colorado. While we’re on the subject of talking about fishing Mysis Shrimp patterns, it should be noted that not all Mysis Shrimp patterns are created equal. Jon Kleis, from the, explains matching the correct profile and color of naturals can be critical for fooling the highly educated trout in Colorado trout rivers and streams. Furthermore, he recommends that fly tiers should choose specific tying materials, like UV flashabou and fluorescent eyes, when tying Mysis shrimp. Doing so, it will greatly increase the realistic look of the imitation and performance on the water.

Follow the link below to watch the step-by-step tying video of Kleis’s Mysis Shrimp, which has proven to be a deadly consistent pattern on waters where Mysis Shrimp are found in abundance. Thank you Jon Kleis for sharing one of his secret patterns with the fly fishing community. I look forward to trying it out personally during my next trip to Colorado.

Mysis Shrimp Pattern – Tying Kleis’s Mysis

Louis Cahill Photography

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