Saturday Shoutout / Fly Tying Videos by Tightline Productions

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This weeks Saturday Shoutout goes to Tightline Productions for their extremely professional step-by-step fly tying videos.

Tightline Productions YouTube Channel

I’ve watched a gazillion fly tying videos since YouTube came out. As a whole they all seemed about the same in terms of professionalism. That was until, I first watched a fly tying video produced by Tightline Productions. These guys flat out know what their doing. They use perfectly placed transistions in the videos and complimentary voice-over that turns their fly tying videos into masterpieces. I’ve never had fly tying videos get me so pumped up to hit the tying bench and inspire me to produce the best flies I can, and that’s special. If you haven’t seen these fly tying videos and you like to tie flies, I highly encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes watching a couple of their videos. I think you’ll find them to be invaluable in your own fly tying and experience the adrenaline rush of excitement I’m talking about. You’ll have 84 different fly tying videos at your fingertips.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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