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By Carter Lyles

Simple Easy Flies For Trout

When I first checked out the blog, The Feather Bender, I noticed that a good portion of Barry Clarke’s posts was tutorials on tying classic, highly productive flies.

This is a great blog site for the beginner fly tier.

The Feather Bender provides viewers with easy to follow steps on tying classic patterns that include descriptions, high-quality pictures, and even videos.

So if you were ever intimidated or even discouraged about tying flies, Barry’s site can make it a very smooth and easy experience for you at zero cost… well except for the materials, a vise, scissors, bobbins, hooks, etc… But honestly what else would you spend your money on? Clothes? Would you spend it on clothes? Pshhh… I wouldn’t. Maybe my own giraffe like in Hangover III, but we all know how that turned out.


Carter Lyles
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Feather Bender

  1. I started tying at age 66. That was five years ago. I have come a long way in that time,

    I found the Feather Bender through Fb a little over two years ago and I have read and reread all of his instructionals and they have been very helpful.

    I would recommend the site to all tyers whether they are beginners or very skilled.

    Cheers, BM

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